logo-cutoutAre you bored of your daily boring work schedule? Do you want to refresh yourself and spend some quality time with friends or family? Are you planning to visit less crowded but beautiful place with amazing views and places to explore? Then you should visit West Yellowstone during fall. It is one of the best fall weekend gateways offering you the beauty of amazing Mother Nature.

You will see the beautiful fall colors, leaves and grasses changing to beautiful yellow and oranges. You will get to see Yellowstone in browns and also there will be a very little crowd as the summer tourists would have returned home. Yellowstone National Park is a top-notch destination to plan a vacation and it looks beautiful in all the seasons but fall is the magical time to visit Yellowstone. You can explore historical attractions; enjoy wildlife viewing, hiking, fishing, also the classic theater entertainment. This charming West Yellowstone town is a great attraction on its own.

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The best part is that Days Inn West Yellowstone is located centrally and all the local attractions and many shops and restaurants are within walking distance from the hotel.

So let’s take a look at the activities and attractions that you can do on your fall weekend trip to Yellowstone:

•    Fall Hiking

You can go out into the backcountry in an adventurous way by taking a hike and even if you hike a mile or so from the trailhead, you will get to see the panoramic view of the fall colors and also will have a chance to see wildlife as they get ready while the winter approaches. You will see wildlife like bear, elk, bighorn, sheep, deer, moose, eagles and much more.

•    Fishing

You can enjoy the fall fishing with your friends or family on the Madison and Firehole Rivers and also on Hebgen and Quake Lake. You can rent a boat at Kirkwood Resort and Marina and equipment from any local fly shops. 

•    Visit Old Faithful/ Upper Geyser Basin

This is one of the geysers in Yellowstone National Park which one cannot miss to visit. You will see that it erupts every 90 minutes for about 4 minutes and will see the gallons of boiling water as much as 184 feet high into the air. The Upper Geyser Basin where Old Faithful is situated also has various geothermal features which include hot springs, mudholes, and fumaroles

•    Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

This canyon is one of the best sights in the world and short trails from here will lead you to Inspiration point and Lookout Point.

•    Hayden Valley

This is located in the center of Yellowstone and is home to a large amount of wildlife and fowl. When you visit this valley you will get to see the wildlife like bison, elk grizzly bears, pelicans, geese and picturesque views of the valley floor.

•    Yellowstone Historic center

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of the Yellowstone National Park by exploring the charming history of the world’s first national park. The museum has displays on the stage coach and railroad companies that brought thousands of visitors to the park and wildlife of the area.

•    Norris Geyser Basin

You will get to see here the world’s tallest geyser Echinus and Steamboat located here. There are certain miles of the walkway from where you can witness wonderful thermal features, elk, and bison.

•    Tower Fall

This is one of the famous waterfalls in Yellowstone and is located behind the General Store. You can enjoy here by taking the short steep hike down to the base of the waterfall.

•    Lamar Valley

It is located in the northeast of the Yellowstone Park and in Lamar Valley is the place where you will see the highest grizzlies in the park. Apart from a grizzly bear, it is also home to elk, bison, moose, bald eagles, antelope and black bears.

•    Lake Yellowstone

Take the pleasure of lake life by renting a kayak or canoe at Bridger Bay Marina and riding it on Lake Yellowstone.

•    Yellowstone Giant Screen Theater

This theater has a six story high screen and 12 thousand watts of the digital quality sound surround. This theater has 3 shows in a day which include Yellowstone.